"I love these candles. I have sold other candles for a popular home party company but these are much better. These burn for a very long time and don't ever lose their potency. One candle fragrances my entire home! These are fragrances you can't find elsewhere. I absolutely love them"!....Beverly Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio "Just wanted to say that these candles and florals are the BEST! The candles burn clean and completely with no wax left at the bottom. The fragrance lasts the entire life of the candle and smells good even when they aren't lit! You won't go wrong with these candles. As for the florals, they are beautiful and I am always receiving compliments on my wreath on my front door." Dawn....Tiffin, Ohio "What a grand time I have had over the past four years, enjoying the results of your talents, in my home and giving them as gifts as well. Need I say, " I am hooked! I have just completed a tour of your oh-so-easy to use web site, and the "Spring Curly Willow Wreath" keeps calling me to have it come to my home to join the other beautiful florals you have designed. What a perfect way to introduce Spring 2011 into my home. Of course I have just-the-right place for it where it will be continuously enjoyed. Oh, yes, to accompany the the heavenly wreath my home needs a spring-time fragrance. Please include the 16 oz. candle in the Hyacinth fragrance . The fall and winter candle stash of Sugared Spruce, Cinnamon Sticks, Raspberry Candy and Mistletoe Kiss are loved and getting low. Also, I have to share with you the ooooh's and aaaah's I received for the Christmas gifts I gave of candles, room sprays, essential oils and potpourri in the Cranberry Orange and Sugared Spruce fragrances. Your web site is complete and I could have ordered the wreath and candle on-line, but I really wanted to let you know how much I love your high-quality products and I appreciate you....Very best wishes"....Donna Johnson....Fostoria, Ohio