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Available Fragrances

Alyssum-as sweet & spicy as the tiny clusters that fragrance our gardens every summer.
Apple Butter Caramel - This smells amazing...warm and sweet. A perfect fall fragrance.
AppleJack & Peel - baked apples, orange peel, cinnamon, clove & just a splash of vanilla.
Austins Sweet Rain - named after my first grandchild, this is a soft, clean the smell of the outdoors after a soft spring rain.
Banana Nut Bread - this smells exactly like a loaf of banana nut bread - fresh and warm right out of the oven. Yummy!
Berries -N - Cream- raspberries, blueberries & strawberries blended with smooth creamy vanilla.
Blueberry Muffins- juicy blueberries with just a sprinkle of sugar!
Caramel Apple - A delicious apple fragrance with just enough sweetness to make it IRRISTIBLE!
Candied Apple: This is a sweeter apple than the caramel apple. You can smell the candy undertones. A great fragrance and one my customers love for fall and winter.
Chocolate Peanut Butter - rich chocolate combined with creamy peanut butter for an amazing must have peanut butter cup.
Chocolate Cobbler- rich, thick & fudgy. A true chocolate scent! Yum!
Christmas Tree - A strong pine fragrance that has great staying power....If you like a strong true pine fragrance than this one is for you.
Cinnabuns - warm & cinnamon spiced, topped with rich vanilla icing. Warm & yummy!
Cinnamon Sticks- Snap open a cinnamon stick and take a wiff. That delicious aroma is what this fragrance about...strong and true. A year long best seller.
Clove -I had so many requests for this fragrance and this is so right on....You'll be amazed at how awesome it smells!!
Coconut Lime - just think pina colada. Cool, creamy and oh so good.
Country Bumpkin- a remarkable, delectable blend of apples, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, sweet cream butter, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon & nutmeg...
Need I say more? Yum!
Cucumber Melon- sweet honeydew melon & cool crisp cucumbers. A super seller!
Gardenia - this flower has long been known for its strong, sweet scent and this is a right on dupe of the real flower!
Hillbilly Homebrew- warm apple cider with a cinnamon twist. New to our line and a best seller.
Hyacinth - the name says it all...a springtime favorite.
Jasmine - This is such a soft feminine fragrance....Just so clean and powdery soft....Every woman needs this fragrance.
Lilac -I tested so many different lilac oils and blends of oils before coming up with this..It smells like you have a lilac bush outside your window..This fragrance ia an ALL YEAR best seller....People just can't get enough of it!!
Lily of the Valley -One of my personal favorites..A lovely true to it's name lily of the valley....Like Mugeut de Bios.
Mistletoe Kiss - a combo of berries, jasmine & vanilla make for a clean, sweet must have favorite.
Morning Glory & Honeysuckle - a happy, clean, energizing fresh floral blend. This fragrance makes you feel good!
Orange Danish- fresh orange, warmed with a blend of cloves & cinnamon then swirled with rich
buttercream frosting. A delicious feel good fragrance.
Peaches & Peonies- fresh, juicy peaches with a soft peony undertones. A best seller.
Pilgrims Pride -This is a very different fragrance..The best way to describe it is it reminds me of what a real prim shoppe smells like..A Sweet Annie mixed with other herbs kind of smell..If you love everything prim then this one is definitely for you.
Pomegranate - an irristible, mouthwatering fruity berry blend. Our #1 seller.
Pumpkin Apple Butter -All I can say is YUMMY....Hard to describe but so delicious..Like apple butter mellowed with creamy pumpkin.
Pumpkin Crunch Cake - our newest top seller! Creamy pumpkin, fresh baked yellow cake, pecans and hints of cinnamon and clove make up this super yummy fragrance. This one is irresistable!
Raspberry Candy - like the jelly filled raspberry candy you get at Christmastime!
Roasted Chestnuts -warm, nutty and delicious! One of our very favorites!
Rum Ripened Raisin - a customer favorite, rum raisins, butterscotch, caramel creams, maple syrup, walnuts and vanilla beans make up this super yummy fragrance.
Spiced Cranberry - what a fantastic scent for fall and winter...Cranberry relish with just a hint of organge zest with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Sugared Spruce - crisp pine together with strawberry & orange combine for this unbelievable, unforgettable fragrance. A wintertime best seller!
Sunblossom - I created this fragrance the beginning of this year..I wanted something cheery to help relieve my cabin fever and this did it..It's sort of a honey sweetened citrusy fragrance and it really does help to lift your spirits during the gloomy winter months ( or anytime)
Sweet Hickory Smoke - our special blend & truly amazing! Exactly like sweet hickory wood cracking on your fireplace. A top seller. Campers love this one!
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper - A really neat fragrance..It's an amazing,delicious,sweet, juicy orange with a little heat from the chili peppers..You really can smell the chili peppers in this....But not too hot, just enough to make this a super yummy great seller.
Vanilla Bean -A true vanilla fragrance..This is not a sugary frosting type vanilla..It has an amazing real vanilla scent

 If you are looking for some resh new fragrances we suggest trying a couple of these. You wont' be disappointed.