Quick tips:

* When you're painting a room, pour a little of the paint into a small leftover container with a tight fitting lid then label it with the room you painted with it....then when you need to touch up the wall, etc. you won't have to dig through paint cans and guess which is the right color!

* If you have a label that you can't get to come off try this! Take your blow dryer and warm up the label. Once the label gets warm it peels right off! This works on practically any surface. Even cardboard!
* Do you have taper candles that have lost their shape? Don't throw them away....Take a cookie sheet and place it in a warm (275degree) oven....Let the pan get good and warm, then remove from oven & immediately cover with a sheet of wax paper....Quickly roll the misshaped candle back & forth applying more pressure as the candle softens....Continue to do this until the candle is straight again....It really is quite simple & works very well.

**Watch for more ticks and tips from Deb coming soon!